Building Information Modelling (BIM) was conceived to improve the performance of the UK construction industry as a response to the Latham report in 1994 in which collaboration at design stage was found to be an area requiring major improvement.

Williams Lester were early adopters of BIM. We have invested heavily in the implementation and support of BIM technologies, such as Autodesk Revit, working collaboratively with our ‘BIM active’ project partners towards BIM Level 2.

Today, 100% of our project output, from concept to technical design is completed using model software. Having now completed numerous projects using a collaborative BIM process, we are finding that:

  • Better collaboration is achieving better quality information.
  • Complex construction issues are resolved before a project is implemented on site.
  • There is improved visual communication and legibility of design.
  • An earlier understanding of design intent allows client involvement in modifying a design to achieve their requirements.
  • Clearer communication is achieved with Planning Authorities and at public exhibitions.