Avon Castle

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    New Forest
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Proposals for 2 new dwellings on a very steep and complex site overlooking the Avon Valley. The topography creates a distinct condition for each house.

House 1 sits on the top of a steep bank some 9m high, with access from a lane at the bottom of the bank. To address this levels issue the house is spread over 5 floors with a lift connecting all levels. The lower floors are dug into the cliff and are expressed in a rough stone cladding, suggesting a cliff face with deep punched openings for windows. The top 2 floors are the main living levels. These are designed as a simple glazed form set back from the line of the lower floors. The overall impression is of a pavilion on a cliff top.

House 2 has a more gently sloping plot. There are views to the river valley but these are obscured by trees. To make the most of this the house is flipped with living accommodation on the first floor where views are better. Individual rooms are oriented to the gaps between trees, ensuring clear views framed by the trees in the foreground. On the ground floor, bedrooms open onto a private enclosed garden. Visually the ground floor is expressed as a heavy stone base, while the first floor is finished in timber to give a lightweight appearance.