Elm Grove

  • Client:

    West Sussex County Council
  • Location:

    Littlehampton, West Sussex
  • Construction Value:

    £4.5 million approx
  • Completion:


Developed from a commission by a local authority client to provide improved land value prior to sale, the design sought to show how a sense of place and high quality public realm can be incorporated into a speculative development, increasing potential values without compromising numbers.

The design is based upon a pair of streets connecting a series of paved and soft landscaped spaces. The hard landscaped squares surrounded by flats and terraces create well overlooked pedestrian friendly urban spaces, while the central green edged by free-standing houses has a more village-like character. Most houses face onto either a paved square or green open space. This variety gives a strong sense of place and easy navigation around the scheme.

The proposals draw upon latest urban design best practice to encourage ownership and reduce the impact of cars upon the residential setting. Parking is spaced out amongst trees and street furniture to reduce impact upon street character and give priority to pedestrians throughout the site. When not used parking spaces become part of the pedestrian space rather than just empty spaces.